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Houston’s first and most experienced provider of explicit reading instruction

Over 15 years of providing comprehensive reading assessment and one-on-one explicit reading therapy, applying (and adding to) the 35-year research program planned and funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

Our interventions can start with the language skills of a three year old and systematically build the knowledge and processing skills needed to learn to read.

What we do

We offer the following intervention programs

Reading Instruction

Intervention focuses on building the skills that are necessary to start reading with understanding. These include segmenting (what is the first sound in the spoken word at ?), letter names, letter sounds, blending sounds to form words, vocabulary, and syntax (oral understanding and use of plurals, past and future tense, comparison, etc.).


Intervention focuses on helping students who have difficulty understanding what they read. Students improve comprehension by optimising fluency, by learning strategies (for self-monitoring, by learning to apply text structure, and inference - “reading between the lines”) to grasp the meaning of new words and getting the gist of a text.


Intervention focuses on building the organizational skills needed to become effective writers. Students become more proficient writers by learning how to plan before writing. Students become more independent writers by learning strategies for self-monitoring, editing, and revising.

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